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Welcome to tuba4u tuba4u offers challenging, creative, fun, free music to tubists around the planet. tuba4u has been performed at UNLV, Texas Lutheran Univ, The Univ of Texas, Texas A&M Univ - Kingsville, New Mexico State Univ, and in Australia, Panama, Germany, Austria, England, Las Vegas, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Michigan, Kansas... who knows where else? Every piece of music you will find on tuba4u is free. Just click on a piece to bring up a pdf and print it out.
No strings attached.    At all.      Ever.       tuba4u.

The 3 levels of music offered here break down into three general categories of performing experience, with some overlapping occurring:
level one - Young
level two - Intermediate
level three - Advanced
The spirit page provides some interesting, possibly thought provoking words related to our instrument and our lives.

A RED STAR indicates most recent additions.
Please enjoy tuba4u. This site was created for you. Take your time and check back often for new additions. If you know a tubist who might enjoy tuba4u, please share this site. Feel free to contact me at nkrobin@satx.rr.com.
tuba4u is Keith J. Robinson: believer, husband, father, tubist.

This page was last updated: January 7, 2019
Take a look @these great links!
Tons of terrific tuba stuff all in one place! LOTS of links to other great tuba stuff.
PLUS mp3 downloads all over the place. PLUS history, great tubists, all sorts of great
stuff gathered and shared by jazz tuba great: Dave Gannett, "Mr. Bison."
Click already!
Become a member. You'll receive great informative quarterly journals. The ITEA website gives a good look inside past journals and lots of helpful info. You'll know what's happening across your state, across your country,
all around the tuba/euphonium world!
The magazine for the brass musician!
Check it out. Join up. Get involved!
Website for the Galvanized Jazz Band, Art Hovey, tubist. (Trad. jazz!) Art has a great link with lots of tuba information and lots of answers to your tuba questions. Take a look for yourself! Click on Links, scroll down & click on
Art's Tuba-Logic Website. This Old Tuba is a swinging collection (CD) of tunes Art solos on. Very tasty! Buy it - Right now!
Website for low brass composer Ken Friedrich. Check out his work.
You won't be disappointed.
Performer, educator, studio builder! Yutaka has done remarkable things at TAMUK. A smooth welcoming site with many helpful tools.
The Sun Magazine is full of inspired writing, poetry, and photography. The website has lots of previously published material for you to peruse. You can get a good idea of what The Sun is all about. Subscribe - Your brain and heart will both thank you!
Gary Slechta, trumpeter, arranger, and all around good guy, offers some GREAT arrangements for brass quintet. Very tasty and extremely creative in his approach to arranging. Hill Country Brass has played lots of his tunes. So much so, in fact, that we have a binder solely dedicated to Gary's arrangements. Check out his tuba feature: Sailor's Hornpipe, a fun showy piece for BQ in
theme and variations form. Think Popeye!
Jon Sass
Creativity times 10!!!
Jon Sass is a uniquely dedicated tubist full of spirit and creative energy. His website seems to be an accurate reflection of the artist. If you have not yet bought your copy of his CD Sassified, jump on it. You can listen to several tracks @ his website www.jonsass.com.

Moving Forward with Alzheimer's
This is the blog of a beautiful couple telling of how they have dealt with and are coping with his Alzheimer's diagnosis. Share this with a friend or family member who might be struggling with some of the same issues these two have dealt with, especially a recent diagnosis.
Inspiring stuff!
Free Online Metronome
This comes in handy if you have forgotten or misplaced your metronome. Or if you haven't bought one YET.
Cello Drones
Cellist Marcia Sloane has created a tuning/improvising disc filled with cello drones. It's great for instrumentalists & vocalists. At her website she has a 2 minute sample of 12 drones passing through the circle of 5ths. You can click on it and have a great 2 minute tuning workout!
A great concept and a beautiful warm site.
The Art of Drowning
by Billy Collins
The Mind's Ear
by Bruce Adolphe
(Musical Imagination Exercises)
What to Listen for in the World
by Bruce Adolphe
(Poetic Essays)
The Listening Book
by W.A. Mathieu
(Short Essays/Exercises)
B O O K  C L U B
Inspiring & entertaining books
The Art of Racing in the Rain
by Garth Stein
by Albert French
Up the Down Staircase
by Nel Kaufman
Still Life With Insects
by Brian Kitely
Watership Down
by Richard Adams
Footprints In The Mind
Something To Someone
Meet Me Halfway
A Heart Full Of Love
by Javan
(4 Books of Poems)
Carol Jantsch
Groovey website of the principal
tubist with the
Philadelphia Orchestra.
Fun site. Great pics!
Check out Carol's disc: Cascades
Get clickin'!
Copper Street Brass Quintet
A well designed, well thought out site, featuring an up and coming forward-thinking brass quintet.
Call To Africa
This blog tells the amazing story of Carolyn Figlioli, a teacher who sold her belongings and moved to Africa to touch lives: "They love when we take the time to give of ourselves - much more than our money or things."
The Great American Tuba Show
Jim Shearer's swingin' website! A beautiful site with info about Jim and his new disc: The Memphis Hang. It's a great recording featuring Jim's tuba work and the vocals of Charlie Wood. Wood also wails at the organ and piano. FAV CUTS: 4. "That Note Costs a Dollar" 6. A floating version of "Secret Love" 10. "Goodbye Porkpie Hat" a Monk tune with thick, dark, sad harmonies in the perfectly scored tuba section backgrounds. You can check out the disc through his website, or you can click directly to it HERE.
Grace For The Moment
by Max Lucado
(Daily Meditations)
Lord Grizzly
by Frederick Manfred
I Know This Much Is True
by Wally Lamb
The Message
by Eugene H. Peterson
(Contemporary Language Bible)
The Practice of the Presence of God
by Brother Lawrence
(Transformational reading)
Steve Rosse
Steve offers all sorts of tuba info from
great videos to numerous
links to possible
festivals and workshops. An outstanding tubist with an
outstanding website!
Hill Country Brass
This is the website of the brass quintet in which yours truly plays tuba.
Designed by trombonist/euphoniumist John Morgan, the site very nicely gives visitors a taste of HCB!
(Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral is an excellent backdrop to the slideshow found under photo gallery.)
Dixie Power Trio
On a recent road trip to Alabama, (with a brief detour to New Orleans for lunch @ Court of Two Sisters) I popped Out of Control into the CD player and danced in my seat as we cruised down IH 10. DPT tubist Andy Kochenour drives the band creatively and convincingly through dixified covers of "That's What I Like About You," "Time After Time," "Stairway to Heaven," and "Spiderman."
"Mardi Gras Mambo" practically dares you to keep
from shaking your tail feathers.
You can find some free lead sheets HERE.
They have lots of discs and other stuff available HERE.
by Marilynne Robinson
Same Kind of Different As Me
by Ron Hall & Denver Moore with Lynn Vincent
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Half Dozen Brass Band
Half Dozen is a swingin' jazz, hip-hop, funk, New Orleans-style brass band based out of Atlanta, GA. Their tubist/sousaphonist Josh Cutchins is not only an unstoppable groove machine, but he also writes all the band's tunes. Their first disc, entitled Easy Street, can be found at the band's website, (click on title above) where you can sample some of their work. Be sure to check out Josh's insane solo playing on Small Time Intro!
Talent Is Overrated
by Geoff Colvin
(What really separates world-class performers from the rest of us)
The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
by Kate DiCamillo
(Painfully beautiful Novel)
The Diary of a Young Girl
by Anne Frank
(WW II Diary)
The Help
by Kathryn Stockett
Citizens of the Dream
by Cary Tennis
(Growing & Nurturing your Artist)
The Cat, The Rat, and The Crooked Tail Dog
Brass Trio for trumpet, horn, and tuba
by Keith J. Robinson

Winner of the 2012 NACUSA TX, (National Association of Composers, USA, Texas) Composition Competition held @ Texas State University in San Marcos, TX on Saturday, October the 6th, 2012.
Keith J. Robinson, (me) receiving a congratulatory hand shake from Dr. Nico Schuler, 2012 NACUSA TX Conference Coordinator.
She Dwells with Beauty
I had the pleasure of premiering She Dwells with Beauty at the 6th annual NACUSA Texas Conference @ Texas State University in San Marcos, TX on March 26, 2011.
(See level 3, Summer 2011 Additions for solo and accompaniment parts.)
Valve Oil 2010 - Premiere Performance!
Dr. Daniel C. Johnson and his tubists & euphoniumists @ UNCW gave the Premiere Performance of Valve Oil 2010 during their
OctubaFest celebrations. Take a listen.
1 Whole DECADE!
Down In The River to Pray
Brass Quintet by Keith J. Robinson
Performed by Hill Country Brass
(Parts can be found @ Level 3, Jan. 2015)
tuba4u has been providing challenging, creative, fun, free music to tubists for a decade! A WHOLE DECADE!!!