Level one is for young tubists who have been playing for 1 - 3 years. Lots of great music to help get your brain wrapped around reading music!

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Click on any of the pieces listed below to bring up a pdf which can be printed out for free and added to your personal music library.

tuba music - level one
Additions: 10-06-08
December Additions: 12-14-08
February Additions: 2-14-09
Suggestions for Educators:

-  tuba4u visited banddirector.com thanks to a suggestion from megatubist Deanna Swoboda. Click HERE to read the article which offers some ideas about growing tubists' musical abilities. Thanks Deanna!

- Sight Reading 1, 2 & 3 can be used
very effectively with your young students. Take
each section and have them look through the measures and silently sing the music. Then have them play it. Do it again and again, until most are
reading with a high rate of success. Constantly and
annoyingly, remind them to look ahead in the music.
Don't stare at the notes you're playing: look ahead to the next set of notes.

Tempo Time, Tempo Time 2 & 3 are specifically
used for teaching students how to play with a metronome. Too frequently we say something like, "Go home and practice with your metronome" without teaching our students how to practice with a metronome. These 3 exercises help us to help our students focus on lining up their notes with the metronome clicks. Try it out and let me know what you think. (nkrobin@satx.rr.com)
- Conference Handout
On Saturday, March 21st, 2009 I had the distinct pleasure of attending, and presenting at, the South Central ITEA Tuba & Euphonium Conference hosted at Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi. I presented a workshop called Our Young Tubists - S.T.T.B.P., utilizing some of the music here @ tuba4u. Click HERE for a copy of the handout.   
Summer Additions: 8-4-09
Freaky Version of Happy B-day
(Happy B-Day tuba4u)
January 2010 Additions: 1-10-10
for Euphonium & Tuba
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Winter Additions: January 2012
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V I D E O:
Long Tones for a
V I D E O:
The Evil
V I D E O:
The Leaves
of Autumn
Winter: January 2015
Summer: June 2016
You and Me performed by me & my daughter!
We had fun putting this sweet little duet together. Share with your students!
Winter: January 2019
Duet - Euphonium & Tuba!