Music at level three is written with the performing tubist in mind.
These pieces may find their way onto your recital program or into your advanced daily routine. Etudes, solos, trios...
Browse at your leisure and return to tuba4u often.

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tuba music - level three
Latest Additions: 10-04-08
To purchase a copy of Father, Forgive Them for 5 part Tuba/Euphonium Ensemble, available through Cimarron Music Press, click HERE.
Then locate Father, Forgive Them.
Brass Quintet

December Additions: 12-14-08
Trio - or MORE!
February Additions: 2-14-09
If you have not yet performed Pastoral Tune, (piano + tuba) program it for this semester or next. You AND your accompanist AND your audience will really enjoy the beautiful calming nature of this piece. (See Latest Additions 10-04-08, above)

Speaking of programming: Take a look at 2:31 A.M. (tuba + piano). This is a work that contains a great deal of tension and some release of said tension. It also features an improvised cadenza. This piece could be followed very nicely by the above mentioned Pastoral Tune. (See February Additions: 2-14-09 for 2:31 A.M.)
Summer Additions: 4-8-09
January 2010 Additions: 1-10-10
Arrrrrrr matey!
Tuba Duet

tuba4u visited thanks to a suggestion from megatubist Deanna Swoboda. Click HERE to read the article which offers some ideas about growing tubists' musical abilities. Thanks Deanna!
12-Tone Rondo
Click HERE for a description of
12-Tone Rondo as it appeared in the Spring '08 issue of the ITEA (International Tuba Euphonium Association) Journal.
Spring 2010 Additions: 6-3-10
November 2010 Addititions
Brass Quintet - Togli Dolce Ben Mio
Summer 2011 Addititions
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Winter Additions: January 2012
Brass Quintet
Raul I. Rodriguez
Texas State University

On February 20, 2011, Raul gave the world premiere of
for tuba and piano. His performance was part of the 2011 Great Plains Regional Tuba & Euphonium Conference @ Pittsburg State Univ. in Pittsburg, Kansas.
Thanks Raul!
(See above, Feb 14, 2009 for solo and accompaniment parts.)
July Additions: July 2012
(Swing Etude No. 1 @ Spring 2010)
(Tuba Duet)
(Technique Builder)
4 Improvisations for 2 Tubas

Kevin Young and I performed at the
2012 Texas Music Educators'
Association Convention in San Antonio,
TX on February 9th. We had a blast! Duringthe performance we premiered
4 Improvisations for 2 Tubas a piece designed to move the performers
"off the page." Click on the title of the
piece and take a look at the tone-sets
and directions.   Thanks Kevin!

You can listen to a recording of Victor Michael Gomez and yours truly playing 4 Improvisations for 2 Tubas on YouTube. We present one possible rendition of this improvised piece, (there are millions of
possibilities, of course).
Improvisation No. 1, Fanfare
Improvisation No. 2, Space
Improvisation No. 3, Legato
Improvisation No. 4, Forward Motion
2012 NACUSA TX Composition Competition!!!!
The Cat, The Rat, and The Crooked Tail Dog

Valve Oil 2010
Winter: January 2015
Brass Quintet
Winter: January 2016
Brass Quintet
Summer: June 2016
Brass Quintet
Down In The River to Pray
Brass Quintet by Keith J. Robinson
Performed by Hill Country Brass
Winter: January 2019